No one knows your organisation and your people like you do which is why I like to partner with my clients to design and deliver bespoke programs that will meet your specific needs.

A former head of leadership, learning and development I know just how important it is to create programs that will align with your company values, competencies, and objectives.

Armed with an abundance of content and years of operational experience in a multitude of leadership and management positions, I am able to design and deliver considered, innovative and practical content that will ensure learning sticks, change happens, and you get a great return on your investment.

Here are some of the programs I have designed and developed for other organisations:

  • Leadership Potential for employees wanting to learn about leadership essentials.
  • Leadership Foundations for First level leaders and New Managers.
  • Middle Manager Leadership Development for leaders reporting to Senior Leaders.
  • Senior Leadership Development for heads of departments, business units and regions.
  • Executive Leadership Development for top level executives leading organisations and businesses.

If you are interested in development for your leaders, I would love to talk to you about your needs and ways I can help.


"Kylie has run various sessions at our regional Leadership and Management program and is a delight to work with. During the workshops, she was able to help the participants understand and value the principles of leadership and management in fresh and challenging ways. She was also outstanding at customising and delivering the material to suit the diverse needs and circumstances of the group.

Kylie models what she explains – she walks the talk – in a way that brings others along so that they can seek to improve the world around them. She genuinely provides the sort of leader and manager role model that is full of integrity!

Kylie is one of those rare people who can meld head and heart in a way that encourages others to reflect on where they are at and think about positive and impactful ways to elevate their leadership and management.

Her warm approach combined with her impressive experience and insights is why we have booked her to come back and work with us again!"

Rod Maclean