My experience as a people and culture leader and organisational development specialist brings years of understanding, knowledge, and deep insight into the easiest and most cost-effective ways to design, develop and deploy innovative frameworks that will improve engagement, employee experience, culture, and leadership capability.

If you are a CEO, business owner or people and culture specialist who would like help defining, designing, and executing a people or leadership development framework or strategy for your business, I would love to help.


"Kylie’s expertise and passion of all things People & Culture, enabled our Employee Experience Workshop to flow with immense creativity, excitement and energy. From the planning stage, right through to the facilitation of the workshop, Kylie understood what we wanted to achieve from the session – not only did we achieve what was set out, the workshop generated conversation and creative ideas that really exceeded my expectations! A great transformational experience which has set the tone for a well-defined people strategy and enhanced my excitement for the future as we move through a merger process. Thank you, Kylie, I look forward to further opportunities to draw on your expertise and energy."

Louise Brown, Manager People and Culture
BCYF (Barwon, Child, Youth and Family)