There is no greater feeling than being inspired by a powerful story or insight that evokes emotion and encourages action and this is how I approach my keynote speaking.

Tutored by some of the world’s best presenters I am able to connect quickly and deeply with all types of audiences and deliver keynotes on the following topics:

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Leading with impact
  • The Mindset game
  • Dynamic culture creation
  • Ground-breaking – My own personal leadership awakening

If you would like to find out more about my keynotes or discuss ways, I could tailor something for you, book in a time to chat.


"Kylie delivered a keynote as part of a retreat I organised in 2021 with a group of women. The topic was on living life mindfully and fearlessly. She immediately engaged the audience thanks to storytelling and delivered some actionable tools, including breathwork that we practiced. Her presentation was rated highly by all participants, and I found it telling how they kept talking with Kylie way past her speaking time. Her style is very authentic, caring, and she conveys her concepts very clearly. I would hire her as a speaker again anytime!"

Cecile Ferry