The Karpman Triangle

The Karpman Triangle, also known as the Drama Triangle, is a psychological model that describes how people can get caught up in unhealthy interpersonal dynamics.

The Karpman Triangle has three roles: the victim, the persecutor, and the rescuer. The victim is someone who feels helpless and oppressed, the persecutor is someone who is critical and controlling, and the rescuer is someone who tries to fix the situation by rescuing the victim.

The Karpman Triangle is a destructive pattern often played out in relationships and teams and can lead to the erosion of trust, unproductivity, and dysfunction.

The best way to break the Karpman Triangle as a leader is to recognize when you or some of your team members are playing one of these roles and to shift to a more empowering role.

Instead of playing the victim, you can take responsibility for our own actions and choices. Instead of playing the persecutor, you can focus on understanding others and finding common ground. And instead of playing the rescuer, you can empower others to find their own solutions and take ownership of their own lives.

It is a powerful resource for leaders to know and use and is weaved into many of our workshops and programs.