Hi, I am Kylie

Hi, I am Kylie, and it took a panic attack for me to discover what real leadership is and the impact culture has.

Several years into what I considered a “noteworthy role”, leading a large regional division for one of Australia’s biggest travel companies, I had an enlightening experience.

I was 34 and well over the halfway mark to reaching the upper echelon of the organisation, an ambition I had secretly held for many years.

Spurred on by the company culture and on track to win the company’s most improved and profitable retail division globally, I became relentless in my approach to work, devoting 15 hours plus per day and surviving on limited sleep.

I was overly driven and determined for both my team and I to succeed, totally ignoring the feedback I was receiving from my mind, my body, and the people around me.

Until it all came to ahead, when I was presenting on stage at a leadership conference and had a panic attack that caused me to faint and hit the floor.

Although only unconscious for a minute, this humiliating blow was enough for me to quickly realise I couldn’t continue the way I was, working ridiculous hours and putting unnecessary pressure on myself and others.

I knew instantly it was a wakeup call to figure out what living and leading well looked like and thus embarked on a journey of deep exploration concerning mindset, habits, leadership, company culture and so much more.

I studied with the world’s top coaches and thought leaders, some of whom I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with!

I did trainings and research to prove the theories I had been learning and I took the knowledge and put it into practice with my own team and saw incredible results.

When my colleagues and other people saw those results, they wanted to know what I had been doing and asked me to teach them.

And so ever since I have been sharing these tools, frameworks and skills with committed leaders and organisations all around the globe. Leaders who want to make a difference and get the best of themselves and the people they lead.

So, if that’s you, I would love to help.

Oh, and if you are interested in my professional accomplishments and qualifications, you can check them out here.