Too many leadership trainings give a whole lot of information on WHAT to do but leave out the details on HOW to do it.

They also often fail to cater to the audience’s diverse experience, learning and communication needs.

The workshops I run are not like that. Instead, they are packed full of useful, engaging, and contemporary material, easy and practical techniques as well as insights that will expand thinking and influence habits.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly my workshops incorporate advanced adult learning methods linked with neuroscience which ensures learning sticks and behaviour change happens.

There is nothing more disheartening than investing money into a training, seminar or conference session and seeing it go nowhere.

Below you will find a list of my workshops, many of which are weaved throughout the tailored leadership programs I run.

I have divided the workshops into Lead self, Lead others and Lead each other.

  • FIND YOUR TRUE NORTH – Become an authentic leader
  • LEADERSHIP RESILIENCE – Lead with strength and agility
  • MINDFUL LEADERSHIP – Lead consciously
  • BREATHWORK – A high performance habit
  • LEADERSHIP ELEVATION – 10 Daily practices of great leaders

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  • DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS – Navigate discussions with confidence, courage, and clarity
  • POWERFUL COMMUNICATION – Connect with confidence, conviction, and impact
  • CULTIVATE A CULUTRE OF ACCOUNTABILITY – Improve culture, productivity and engagement
  • A COACHING APPROACH – Have powerful conversations and learn essential skills
  • LEADING CHANGE – Enhance your skills and master the art of transformation
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY – Achieve greater performance, unity, and inclusivity
  • SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP – Empower your team and improve performance

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  • CREATE THE ADVANTAGE – Build a dynamic team

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All of my workshops can be delivered in-person, virtually or a combination of the two, depending on your needs.

Full Day workshops can be split and sometimes reduced to half day sessions.

To find out more, give me a call. I would love to work out a way to help you.